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Supreme Fine Gloss Wax

The ultimate high shine wax

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Use this wax after using Cera Wax

It can be use to polish and protect all smooth surfaces such as acrylic paint or Polished Plasters (Marmorino). As with all mineral waxes it alters the appearance of the surface slightly, giving a sheen, which some people consider pleasing.
This product gives a high level of protection. It is recommended for use on Marmorino when the surface is exposed to extreme dirt situations / high traffic areas, such as showers and public areas that are prone to get a lot of handprints.
It is also available with a metallic effect with the Gold, Silver, or Copper versions.

Please note that wax is flammable material before being applied to the wall. Check local regulations in regards to using this wax.


Apply a very thin, uniform layer with a soft cloth or a metal trowel. It can be polished after a half an hour with a soft cloth or a buffer. With Marmorino, you have to be careful not to leave marks. If too much is applied in one spot without spreading it well, a dark, greasy spot can appear where the surface has absorbed too much wax.

Because of this, it is advisable that you are very careful to spread this wax very thinly, or before applying it, protect the surface first with a coat of our bee’s wax.


About 18 sq. m. per litre