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Marmorino Super Lucido Classic 24 Kgs

Super Gloss

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Stucco Veneziano Marmorino Classic White is one of the most requested highly polished plaster finishes. The product is internationally recognised as being one of the highest quality polished plasters on the market.

Classic Marmorino is the highest shine polished plaster finish. This Marmorino offers a great sense of depth being very smooth and cold to the touch.

Colours - Available in Neutral

Protection - Use the Natural Bees Wax.

Coverage 1kg per Msq using 3 coats of Classic
Marmorino Classic is created using high quality lime and the finest marble flour which gives a smooth high gloss finish when polished. It is smooth and cold to the touch.

Marmorino Classic polished plaster is a natural material, lime based, zero VOC and has over 40% ground marble powder.


Coverage: 24kg will cover 24-30 msq in 3 coats

Colours: This material comes white, or can be coloured by picking from our liquid colour additives or Concentrated Colour Tints. Normally the first coat is applied in the natural white colour.

Protection - Seal with our Liquid Bees Wax or our Natural Soap. Oil based waxes may also be used.


Venezia Stucco is our Registered Trademark

Manufactured in Italy