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Polished  Plaster Applicators | Spatulato ApplicatorsPolished  Plaster Applicators | Spatulato Applicators

Polished Plaster Applicators | Spatulato Applicators

Polished Plaster applicators covering London in the Finest of Italian Venetian Polished Plasters.Coverit are the Original Suppliers of Polished Plasters.

Decorative Plastering are UKs No1 Specialist Suppliers and Applicators of high quality Venetian Stucco polished plasters, including marmorino floor finishes which are manufactured close to Venice in Italy. Decorative Plastering supply Superior polished plaster products that are very easy to work with and meet the varied needs of both the artisan and the designers/architects. We also carry all Authentic Data Safety Sheets for all materials that we sell (known as O&M).

The polished plasters include our original Italian Marmorino Veneziano Classic, Marmorino Veneziano Carrara, Marmorino Veneziano Classic Plus and Tadelakt.

We are known for supplying and applicating a wide range of Polished Plastering Finishes to the Film Industry,Commercial Developments and to Interior Designers.

These original polished plasters are sometimes referred to by different terms depending on which area you are based in. The most common terms used today are Traditional Marmorino, Modern Marmorino, Stucco Grassello, Venetian Plaster, Marble Plaster, Stucco, Spatulato, Veneziano, Lucidato or Polished Plaster.

Decorative Plastering also offer various textured finishes which are becoming increasingly popular within the industry. Our other products are Marmorino Velvet (sometimes known as Chamois), Dilavato, Intonachino Dolomite, Veronese, Calcite, Michaelangelo,Travertino. We also now have 24/7 Venezia finishes which are new to the UK,including Nano Finishes which are Carrara and Classico Finishes with pitted graining.

The truth: True Italian Venetian plaster is actually a wonderful choice for surfaces that will get wet. Lime plasters perform extremely well in wet climates by simply allowing any water that is absorbed into the plaster to quickly evaporate and exit the structure. That’s why they’re called Venetian plaster, because they can tolerate rising damp and canal-side applications like in the lagoons of Venice that would cause failure in acrylic and cement plasters. Traditional Moroccan lime plaster Tadelakt has been used in the Hammams (the traditional Moroccan steam baths), and in the riads of Marrakesh for centuries. Using Carrara and Classico finshes does exactly the same.

I would like to reassure you that I do NOT use acrylic venetian. A vast amount of Venetian Plaster available to you in the UK are Acrylic. My products aren't. Visit me anytime and you will see.

I guarantee my prices cannot be beaten.

I don't mislead people and also offer 24/7 support, unlike others which proves that I have a High End Range of Authentic products and I fully understand Venetian Products.

Our Venetian Plastering Tools are direct from Italy.


"Make a different choice....choose a better tool....or don't choose at all!"

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